It goes without saying that your own personal actions are not going to solve the catastrophic problems brought on by global warming. But we as individuals have an obligation to begin to identify and implement solutions. Every movement begins with the individual. The solutions are twofold: the micro and the macro, the personal and the political. The personal you can address right now.The long term solution may elude us. It may be too late, but these pages are calling for personal dignity and responsibility, an embrace of science, invention, and spirituality --and a rejection of willful ignorance, hubris and greed. Every one of us can respond to our national policies of obscene negligence by examining our own behavior and starting on a path of informed dissent. We can not wait for the Federal Government to lead the way. There are already so many opportunities now to make a difference. Consider and learn about HALF the suggestions below and you will become part of the solution.

CONSTRUCTION Learn about Green building systems that can save you money in the long run and save the planet too. See if geothermal heating and cooling is right for you. TV's This Old House goes green this season.

INSULATION Energy efficient insulated glass windows make a huge difference in keeping heat inside in winter and cool inside during summer. Save money on utility bills.

ELECTRICAL POWER You can shift your electrical service provider to renewable energy: It takes 5 minutes and will cost $2.50 per 100 kilowatt hours over your current bill. Everywhere in the country is served, even New York City.

SOLAR POWER The Citizenré Corporation will install Solar Panels to give you the chance to adopt green energy in your home without having to make a huge investment.

IS WIND POWER RIGHT FOR YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS? Try for American-made wind turbines. Look for the tax incentives in your state.

HEATING AND COOLING: Move your heater thermostat down two degrees in winter and up two degrees in the summer. Save 2000 lbs of carbon dioxide and $98 per year.

Turn your hot water heater to 120 degrees.
Turn off your hot water heater when you're away.

APPLIANCES When you buy a dishwasher, dryer, toaster oven, stereo, refrigerator, you can judge its energy efficiency with the Energy Star rating system.

Only run you dishwasher when it's full.
Don't pre rinse your dishes.
Don't preheat the oven.
Turn off the oven 10 minutes before cooking is done.

LIGHTBULBS Replace your incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescents (available at hardware stores). It only takes a 15-watt fluorescent bulb to produces the same amount of light as a 60-watt incandescent bulb. Fluorescent bulbs are four times more efficient than regular incandescent bulbs and last ten times as long.

Always turn off lights when leaving the room.
Teach your kids to conserve.

GARBAGE BAGS Using recycled plastic saves energy and dramatically reduces toxic pollution! The process of manufacturing from recycled material requires 40% less energy compared to bags made from virgin plastic.

WATER Conserve water at home. Fight for clean water internationally.

Take shorter showers.
Buy a water conserving shower head.
Turn off the faucet when brushing teeth and shaving.

LAWNCARE Lawn Mowers and leaf blowers are the most polluting machines around because there are no emissions standards on the books. Try an Electric mower; Try a rake!

The paper industry is the 3rd largest contributor to global warming pollution. BUY recycled paper!

It seems beyond comprehension that we would use virgin timber to make toilet paper, but that is exactly the case. Make a change today!

COMPUTER PAPER Use 100% Recycled Paper on your computer. Print and copy double-sided whenever practical. If you can't find recycled paper at your local stationary store or Staples, Ask for it! Show there's a demand.

SMALL BUSINESS PRINT RUNS For postcards, invitations, posters and brochures, try an eco-friendly printer.

Catalog retailers send out nearly 17 billion catalogs each year or 60 per person in the United States. Almost none use post-consumer recycled paper. Norm Thompson Outfitters Alliance has initiated a change.

The Victoria Secret Catalogue was printed on paper from VIRGIN TIMBER!! until activist outcry caused a sea change at the company December 6, 2006. ACTIVISM works!

JUNK MAIL To produce our junk mail for one year 100 million trees and 28 billion gallons of water are used. Here's a program to rid you of Junk Mail

Americans throw away over 100 billion plastic bags a year; less than 1% of these are recycled. Plastic is a petroleum based product. Every 14 plastic bags manufactured consumes as much oil as driving a car a mile. Paper vs. Plastic?

Bring a reusable bag when going shopping.
Refuse a bag for small items.
Do you need that double bag.?

Check out for the story of someonewho couldn't take it any more.

Most brand-name American laundry detergents are made from petroleum and contain other hazardous ingredients that end up in our water table. There are alternatives. Vegetable based cleaners are made from renewable resources and break down in the ecosystem more readily. Look for these products at your local supermarket or health market. The leading alternative brand is Seventh Generation.

Learn which companies are taking an interest in sustainable practices and which use sweatshops. Shop with your dollar. Check out the eco-profile of Timberland. The labor practices of American Apparel.

RECYCLE YOUR OLD CLOTHES: donate them to second-hand shops, or let Patagonia turn them into new clothes under their Common Threads Garment recycling program.

If you can cut the trash you produce by 25% you’ll prevent the emission of approximately 1,000 pounds of CO2 a year. Keep as much refuse out of landfills.

For further information on responsibly disposing of items from cell phones, computers, batteries, paints, glass, plastic, clothing, appliances, auto parts, check out earth911, and enter your zip code to locate recycling opportunities near you.

Reward products with less wasteful packaging. Your dollar is your vote here in the US of A.

Which computer company is the most green? Which is not? The answer might surprise you. Write a letter for change.

INSTEAD OF GOOGLE, try greensearch

Whatever your business, large or small, you can make a diference.

Check out this guy from Hot Lips Pizza in Portland, Oregon. Because of his environmental innitiative, he's on this website and we've never even tried his pizza!! That's good business!

BUY A FUEL EFFICIENT CAR Yahoo! Green Center discusses all types of alternative fuel cars. A car getting 20 mpg emits roughly 50 tons of carbon dioxide over its lifetime. A car getting 40-mpg gallons emits only 25 tons.

Hybrid cars NOT ONLY SAVE YOU MONEY at the pump, they have cleaner emissions. They have good pickup, they aren't overly expensive. All municipalities should be using hybrid vehicles.

Even if you don't have a hybrid or bio-fuel car, you can reduce carbon emissions and save gas. A tune-up could boost your miles per gallon anywhere from 4 to 40 percent;

Keep your tires properly inflated. If all Americans kept their tires properly inflated, gasoline use nationwide would come down 2 percent.

Keep your air filter clean.
A new air filter could get you 10 percent more miles per gallon.

After only 10 seconds, you use less gas by turning your ignition off.

DRIVE LESS Carpool, skip that second trip to the store. Take public transportation, bike, or walk whenever you can. For every gallon of gasoline you save, you’ll prevent about 20 pounds of CO2 from being released.

TAKE A "CLEAN CAR" TO THE AIRPORT: is New York's 1st eco-luxury private car service. Prices are comparable.

Always request a Hybrid car when renting. Show there's a demand.

CARBON OFFSET FOR CARS Terra Pass is a company that will offset the carbon footprint of your car.

CARBON OFFSET YOUR FLIGHT When booking your flight on, Be a Hero, Go Zero: Offset Travel Carbon Emissions.

AIRBUS: A cleaner airplane?

Can you be green by buying offsets? USA Today article from 3/2/07 sorts through the different carbon offset groups and analyzes their effectiveness.

GO VEGETARIAN! Eat low on the food chain. While this appears radical, it is one of the most effective contributions you can make to reducing greenhouse gasses. Carbon emissions could be slashed by an incredible 21% overnight if we all stopped eating meat grown in agro-industrial factories.

Buy organic food. But Get informed! Some mainstream organic brands have adopted factory farm techniques to meet demand.

More important than buying organically, buy locally, buy with the season. Support family farms.

Buy in bulk.

THINK WHEN YOU DRINK BOTTLED WATER Americans buy 25 Billion single serve water bottles each year. The plastic to manufacture those bottles consumes 1.5 million barrels of oil each year. The Container Recycling Institute has more on all our single serve habits.

Rent a water cooler for offices or families of more than three.

Fill a water jug for the kids on a day out.

FILM SYRIANA, produced by the activist film company Participant Productions and starring George Clooney, was the first big budget film to be carbon neutral.

South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin Texas has announced that it is partnering with Green Mountain Energy Company, an Austin-based renewable energy market leader, to offset 100% of carbon emissions arising from SXSW business activities.

PUBLISHING Some publishers are leading efforts to print books on recycled paper rather than virgin timber. The first printing of Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix (2003, Raincoast Books) was printed on 100% post-consumer paper, saving 39,320 trees, 63,435,801 liters of water and 1,645,243 kilograms of greenhouse gasses. Imagine the possibilities.

Random House has pledged to increase its recycled paper content incrementaly up to 30% by 2010, saving 550,000 trees.

MUSIC Bands such as Dave Mathews Band and Coldplay have made donations to green causes to offset their air travel and energy use during tours and recording. Willie Nelson, Neil Young, Jack Johnson and scores of others have toured on busses run on bio fuels.

SPORTS A pioneering initiative to make the 2006 FIFA World Cup not only entertaining but environmentally-friendly was a big success. Even the Superbowl is getting in on the environmental action. Superbowl XLI was carbon neutral, inspiring other U.S. sporting events to step up to the plate.

HOTELS This vacation, try staying in a green hotel

DONATE: As much as your individual choices will matter, you can additionally make an impact by supporting the groups that are fighting for change through the courts and Congress. Even a modest membership contribution will indicate a show of support for these organizations and increase their lobbying power in Washington.

NRDC, Natural Resources Defense Council
Environmental Defense
RAN, Rainforest Action Network

INVEST: There are environmentally and socially conscious investment brokers who can direct your money towards growth and responsibility.

Domini Investments
The Parnassus Mutual Funds
generation Investment Firm

Find out more:

The bank you choose to do business with is investing your money. Find out their what kind of future they are supporting. Bank of America has a strong environmental policy.HSBC has committed to becoming carbon neutral.

On the other hand, Citigroup, Merrill Lynch, and Morgan Stanley are currently financing the building of Coal Plants in Texas, a step backwards for the environment. (FOR AN UPDATE ON THIS STORY, GO TO OUR SCREENING ROOM. 3/12/07)

Banks that have pledged not to support the projects are Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, and Bank of Montreal. Others remain on the fence. Let them know we're watching.

Working Assets offers a Visa card as well as a long distance and a Wireless phone service and donates a portion (10 cents per transaction) of the fees you pay to progressive causes.

Through Working Assets you can also go carbon neutral for a year through Find out more.

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